MsHec3 would like to offer a blessing of appreciation and gratitude to its board members because without the participation of all of them this project would not be so amazing. To Sam Howell and all the work he does every month on our website, Celeste Holly for all the great posts on Facebook she does for all of us and keeping up on the bidding through the silent auction, Oleta Clay for her help with event planning and sending out notes of gratitude, David Clay for taking the notes and minutes for the meetings, James Knochel for his help with technology, Laura Nelson for creating the MSCO newsletter, Jud Kramer for getting all our info up on the MSCO website, Beth Markley for her mad editing skills, Rebecca Cutehands and Dana Cummins for collaborating on administrative duties, writings and promotional advertising. For all the volunteer hours that all of you offer for each event and for those who offer their services to the scholarship program.

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Our Mission:
Dedicated to co-creating and preserving healthy relationships with ourselves, each other and our planet through healing and educational services.

We are overjoyed and so excited to begin this next step of our evolution and are so eternally grateful for those of you who continue to love and support us on this journey. We are so blessed to serve so many and have received the love we give back a thousand fold.


Mountain Spirit Co-Op has been offering dozens of healing modalities for nearly 12 years now. For the last nine years we have offered our community Day of Service, where our practitioners offer their services by donation to anyone who wishes healing work or spiritual guidance.
Many of us at MSCO wanted to stretch beyond any limits that might be stopping or holding people back from a healthier life. So in paying attention to the clients and the community we realized that we could assist more people if we could help with the funding of their healing services, and expand their time with a counselor, healer or teacher and so MsHec3 was created to do just that.
Over the years we have connected with so many families, children and individuals that have done such amazing work on healing themselves through many intense situations and experiences. It has been truly inspiring, so much so that all of us at MSCO want to do even more. The MsHec3 Project gives us the opportunity to see more people, more frequently and for longer periods of time. This Project will assist those that find themselves in less fortunate moments, to give them a chance at a healthy life. We ALL deserve that.

So many of us live so privileged that we sometimes take for granted the comforts of our everyday lives that so many have to struggle and fight for and may still never reach the heights to achieve. It is amazing however when we are given the gifts of confidence, love, trust and support that we remember how to create, dream and manifest. We are honored to be apart of creating a new world that respects each individuals imprint and we understand how truly precious and important it is that we care for each other in this way. So it is time again that we have lit a mantle of light that will shine bright for all to see, and it is up to us to carry a space of responsibility, since We are the stewards of our Planet, our community and our lives.

MsHec3 is not only an acronym but is inspired by the Goddess Hecate who is the Goddess of crossroads. People who come to a crossroads in life often seek us out. Funny how things all come together. With the opening of this 501c3 charitable organization we are working to secure grants that will take our healing work to the next level and beyond. We are also accepting tax deductible donations from all those who wish to invest in a healthier community and world. We have dozens of modalities, spiritual teachings, ceremonies, classes and workshops available for those looking to become more at peace with themselves and their world.

If you are interested in volunteering or have insight on grants, event planning, fundraisers or other beneficial information, please contact one of our board members.

Dana Cummins (928) 420-2109
Rebecca Cutehands (928) 499-4128
David Clay (928) 458-5577
James Knochel  (602) 842-.2688
Celeste Holly (920) 858-2966
Sam Howell  (623) 980-9885

Please remember us with your tax deductible donations! We gratefully thank you in advance for your active participation in healing our world.

Many blessings,

PO. Box 11553
Prescott, AZ 86304

(928) 421-3399~MsHec3



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