Partnerships Information and Application Forms

Partnership Program
Mountain Spirit Healing & Education Center
P O Box 11553
Prescott AZ 86304
(928) 421-3399

Practitioner Partnership
$44 Annual Fee
On MsHec3 website
Individual Name
Business Name (If applicable)
Link to your website
25-30 word description
Participation available at MsHec3 events
In MSCO Newsletter Online Edition
Link to MsHec3 Website for list of Practitioners

Sponsorship Partnership
$111 Annual Fee
List of our Sponsors to be posted at all MsHec3 events.
List of our Sponsors on MsHec3 website
Link to our Sponsor List in MSCO newsletter

Advertising Partnership
$333 Annual Fee
On MsHec3 Website
Your Business Card
25 word description
FB Posting
Monthly Posting
In MSCO Newsletter On-Line Edition
Link to MsHec3 List of Advertisers

Click on the link below to get a printable form to be filled out and sent to Mountain Spirit Healing and Education Center

MsHEC3 Practitioner Application