Lee Ann Romine

My earliest memories while growing up in Phoenix, Arizona are of “seeing” spirits and beings all around me. At the age of 4 my Grandmother helped me realize that not everyone saw and communicated with the “friends” I had but that I was another generation of a long line of gifted healers, mediums and psychics. Throughout my younger years I studied various religions and paths to spirituality, gleaning every bit of information I could find to develop my abilities and find my own path in this life. I am a firm believer in creating one’s own reality and taking responsibility for everything in it therefore giving oneself the power to change/manifest everything one could imagine.
I have been active as a Psychic / Spiritual Counselor and Medium for the past 25 years. In 1992 I moved to Prescott, Arizona and lived there until 1996 when I remarried and moved to Beautiful West Virginia where I reside today with my Husband and children. I have taught classes regarding creating one’s own reality and have helped numerous people of all walks of life and differing religions to more elegantly craft the life they desire. I truly love the interaction between my clients and their spirit guides that occurs while I am assisting them on their journey. I am always amazed at the beauty of seeing one moving forward on their path with the love and support of their spiritual guides surrounding them. I find that using the tarot is the most efficient way for me to focus my physical mind while doing a reading although many times I just launch into a spontaneous reading while talking casually with my clients.

Psychic / Spiritual Counseling
I do readings both over the phone and in person with a focus on creating your own reality in a more elegant and pain-free way.