Jennifer Maxwell

Jennifer Maxwell is a Licensed Massage Therapist, as well as a talented comedian, administrator, and healer. She is a well-respected member of the Healing Arts community. The diverse background that this artist brings to the co-op provides a fresh fun style of Bodywork. She provides a safe space for unwinding, unfolding, and transformation for her clientele. Jennifer incorporates crystals, CBD oil’s, and a multitude of other healing elements for her clients to reach their ultimate potential of healing. Jennifer has an authentic presentation which helps her clients reach a level of trust entering each session. The intention that she brings to the table is to bring attention to the issues that her clients have stored in their tissues. In addition to the healing art of massage, Jennifer incorporates laughter into every session organically for the full therapeutic effect. Each healing session is reverent and intentional for the client for each session. There is a huge paradigm shift in the healing community that reflects massage no longer as a luxury, however a necessity as a conduit to healing. The power of touch has been proven through the entirety of the existence of humankind to be one of the most influential ways to reach the balance in homeostasis that our bodies seek. Jennifer enjoys working with her clients to promote freedom, ease, and flow within her client’s bodies, as well as their lives. Call/text (602) 4565404 or Email