A life-long calling. My spiritual journey began at the young age of 10. I received a message from an Inner Voice that had no sound and had no words. It was as if someone downloaded an understanding and knowledge into my brain (within half a second) where there was no prior understanding or knowledge on the subject before. I didn’t know where this message came from and because the knowledge empowered me, I was unafraid. You see, I was raised Catholic and had never been taught anything other than Catholicism. I had just gotten into a huge argument with a neighbor boy who casually informed me I was going to “burn in hell” for not being Christian. I argued being Catholic was Christian, but he insisted I was going to burn and there was nothing I could do. Feeling defeated, I cursed at him, then ran to my room to cry into my pillow. I was enraged and confused. I remember feeling deep hatred for the boy as I screamed into my pillow. Then the message came, calming me like warm honey pouring over my pounding head and rage filled mind. The message was pure and simple for a child to understand: “Do not curse him for his beliefs, no matter what mean things he says about yours. If you curse him for his beliefs, you become just like him and lower yourself to his foolishness. Instead, remain open and loving to all beliefs and walks of faithThey are all love at the core.”  The conflict was over. This message was not a command, it was a gentle suggestion and it became my Truth- one that I have held close to my heart to this very day. And there began a life-long journey of spiritual exploration and awakening, in search of the Voice of wisdom that enlightened me that day.

With the help of the Divine, my purpose in life has been made clear: to explore and expand, to heal, and to teach and share with others all that I have gathered along my journey.

My healings are powerful. I have been trained in many modalities including Shamanism, Reiki, Tuning Forks and Yoga. Each body is perfect and unique. I offer a customized Subtle Body Map for my clients, identifying areas needing clearing, balancing, support and healing. This map is a starting point or baseline and gives guidance along the path of healing and awakening.

The world needs more healers. I have been on the healer’s journey for over a decade. It started when I stopped searching outwardly and began seeking for answers from the healer within myself. I was blessed to have powerful teachers and mentors along the journey. Some were better than others, but all were very powerful and were placed in my life to teach something valuable to me. I believe there is a powerful healer within each of us- capable of healing ourselves and the world. 

Seek the healer within. I offer classes for those who seek a deeper understanding of their spiritual journey. My teachings are designed to go deep- and reach the many layers of the subtle body. I empower my students to go beyond the teachings. It is my hope that each of my students evolve and come into their own ways of healing the world. Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone discovered their true healing potential.? I can!

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Website: www.BodyBalancebyToria.com