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Intuitive Energy Readings & Indigenous Teachings

Amber Riley is a spiritual guide that uses her gifts of intuition to connect with you, walking wherever is needed to answer your call of truth and healing of your soul. She has unknowingly spent her entire life practicing to walk as a spiritual guide and it wasn’t until she answered the call and began her work with her teacher that she accepted and understood the whys of her life, why she heard what she heard, felt what was felt, and saw what she did and that the journey of understanding and learning never ends. If someone asked her to explain in a few words what it is she does, Amber would say;” I listen”, to spirit, to our guides, our ancestors, our souls, I listen to all that is. It is with great honor that Amber is the holder of her Grandmother’s cards and it is with the utmost gratitude she offers ancient medicine, indigenous teachings, breathwork, and intuitive readings with or without tarot. What was hidden will now be shown. Layer by layer what’s danced in the shadows will now sing in the light.