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Dana Cummins

Hi, I’m Dana Cummins. I grew up in the Midwest and traveled the country before moving to Prescott in the early ’90s. My background is in bookkeeping, service work, and management. I served on the board of the Prescott Pride Center for nine years in the secretary and then the treasurer positions. In 2005 a group of highly skilled, talented, and loving people and Read More...

Rebecca Cutehands

Rev. Rebecca Cutehands is a Spiritual Guide who assists each individual on their journey within. She honors the individual by offering many different gifts of healing. Sharing with them a variety of ways to process and integrate through their healing process. Rebecca has experienced the medicine of the “wounded healer” and understands how precious life is. A rare nerve disease left her a blind Read More...

Dani Yanssens

Hello! I am Dani Yanssens and I live in Michigan with my husband, two adult daughters and a spoiled pup. I have been in education for 30 years, teaching elementary, middle and high school children as well as adults. I have a passion for students at risk of dropping out of school, whether it be from trauma, poverty or mental health issues, it is my mission to help them Read More...

Sam Howell

Sam Howell has joined the Mountain Spirit Healing and Education Center as the technical and web page design and support manager. Sam retired in 2016 after a computer tech career spanning 30 years of teaching and computer software support. We welcome Sam to the board and look forward to adding his talents and experience to our board of directors.

Erin Kampa

My name is Erin Kampa.  I am a retired nurse and certified life coach. I am honored to become a board member of Mountain Spirit Healing and Educational Center.  I currently help the group with finding and applying for grants to support MsHec3 good works by providing practitioner services with scholarship discounts to people who want them and have trouble affording them. I live Read More...

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