Picture: Cindy HoltCindy Holt spent the first 30 years of her healing journey in nursing. She worked in ICU and CCU for most of that time, and it gave her a perspective many people in the alternative arts don’t have. After a course in massage therapy taken on a lark, she became deeply troubled with the dismissive attitude of many in the Western medical professions. She found she could help many in pain with simple touch-massage, Healing Touch energy work, and guided imagery. Now, 25 years later, she has also incorporated emotional energy release, which is useful for releasing past emotional trauma affecting the person in the present. Although she can no longer do massage therapy, she uses Craniosacral therapy, essential oils (Young Living only), ear coning, imagery, and various treatments using a combination of things tailored to the individual. She has recently been studying metaphysical healing with a Native American shaman, and finds crystals, drums, rattles, bowls, and bells useful in bringing the client into balance and relaxation. Using intuitive gifts, she also has studied medical intuition and uses it to help bore down to the core of a client’s issue.

To set up an appointment, please call Cindy at 928-273-8576