Winter Solstice Celebration and Medicine Bag Ceremony December, Thursday 21st and Saturday 23rd from 5:30pm to 9pm Cost: $100 Rebecca Cutehands (928) 499-4128

Traditional Ceremonies Free Ongoing Classes:
Munay-Ki Rites, Medicine Wheel Teachings, Fire that Burns at Your Heart, Water Blessing and Balancing Ceremony. A complete list is on our website. Contact Rebecca at(928) 499-4128

Traditional Ceremonies -Any Ceremony that you would like to receive as a teaching- The Giveaway- The Turtle Ceremony- The Earth Blessing- Thirteen Moon- Sacred Bundle-etc.-$400-$600-6+ hr session (MsHec3 $320-$480)
For info call (928) 499-4128. Spiritual Guide: Rebecca Cutehands.

Traditional ceremonies-individual offering-The North Star- The Sacred Fire-The Water Blessing-Crystal Grid-etc. These ceremonies are individual table offerings, you must receive them first and then go through the teachings-$400-5-6 hr session (MsHec3 $320)
For info call (928) 499-4128. Spiritual Guide: Rebecca Cutehands.

Rebeca Cutehands Business Card

Traditional Ceremonies and Offerings for individual and group ceremonies 

Earth Blessing-This is the sacred mud up- we create our sacred blessing from the earths soil, herbs and water and wear it on our bodies as we honor each of the sacred directions in prayer, you will leave here still wearing the earth upon you until you are ready to wash her off-outside Ceremony
Individual-$200 each- two to three hr ceremony (MsHec3 $160)
Groups 7 or more-$150 each-three to four hr ceremony (MsHec3 $120)
For info call (928) 499-4128. Spiritual Guide: Rebecca Cutehands.

Medicine Bag Ceremony– you will be gifted a personal medicine bag created just for you, that you will fill in Ceremony with herbs, stones, animal medicine, a sacred oil blending, prayers, etc. You will be guided around the medicine wheel with prayer for each offering that is made, this ceremony gives us a moment to connect with ourselves and to set our intent into the medicine bag that will be carried or worn by us for as long as we choose-inside/outside ceremony
Individual-$200 each wearable bag-$250 non wearable-two to three hr ceremony (MsHec3 $160-$200)
Groups 7 or more-$175 each wearable-$225 non wearable-four to five hr ceremony (MsHec3 $140-$185)
For info call (928) 499-4128. Spiritual Guide: Rebecca Cutehands.

Earth Bundle– we will create a bundle from deerskin that will be filled with prayers, stones, herbs, oils and an offering from you that you bring to place in it- these bundles are kept closed always, they can assist you during meditation, healing work for yourself or another, tied onto a ceremonial tool, tied to a sacred tree, etc. We will be guided around the medicine wheel in prayers for each offering that goes into our bundle-inside/outside ceremony
Individual-$200 each-two hr ceremony (MsHec3 $160)
Groups 7 or more-$125 each- three hr ceremony (MsHec3 $100)
For info call (928) 499-4128. Spiritual Guide: Rebecca Cutehands.

Medicine Wheel Ceremony– we will sit in ceremony and be lead around the wheel in prayer as we make offerings to each direction and all of Creation and create a sacred hoop that will stay upon the land until the wind carriers our blessings away-this a beautiful ritual that reminds us to find balance and serve the sacred wheel that each one of us carries in our heart-inside/outside ceremony
Individual-$200 each-two to three hr ceremony (MsHec3 $160)
Groups 7 or more- $175 each- three to four hr ceremony (MsHec3 $140)
For info call (928) 499-4128. Spiritual Guide: Rebecca Cutehands.

Andean Fire Ceremony– This ceremony will bring you to the Andean Wheel and the archetypes that hold each opening- we will move throughout this teaching connecting to all the keepers and working with Grandfather Sun to clean and restore our energy-inside/outside ceremony
Individual- Love Donation -1 hr ceremony
Groups 7 or more- Love Donation – 1 to 2 hr ceremony
For info call (928) 499-4128. Spiritual Guide: Rebecca Cutehands.

Despacho Ceremony– Andean Ceremony- we will open with the Andean Wheel and the archetypes that hold each opening, share in the fire ceremony and create a despacho together- A despacho is a beautiful gathering of items from around the world, and is created with great intent, we will then fold the despacho, tie it closed, it is then placed in the earth or offered to the fire, each despacho is made for different energies, the earth mother, the Mountain Spirits, the star keepers, good health, etc, a despacho is a blessing for all of Creation-inside/outside ceremony
Individual-$250-two to three hr ceremony (MsHec3 $200)
Groups 7 or more- $200-three to four hr ceremony (MsHec3 $160)
For info call (928) 499-4128. Spiritual Guide: Rebecca Cutehands.

Outside Healing Session-a massage table will be set up for you somewhere on the land and you will receive a session outside in nature-during this session you will receive energy work, spiritual offerings and indigenous medicine- I always honor each individuals spirit so there is no set protocol and each session is uniquely designed for every client
Individual-$200 each-2 hr session (MsHec3 $160)
Couples-$350 -3 hrs (MsHec3 $280)
For info call (928) 499-4128. Spiritual Guide: Rebecca Cutehands.
The couples session is offered to any two people who are ok with each of you receiving your session together, both will still experience individual honoring but will receive your session together where I will tend to both of you, moving from one to the other throughout the time of the session

Long Distance Session– In the first hour we will be imprinting on one another by lying down in a comfortable, quiet and relaxed space. No matter where you are in the world we can reach each other energetically. I will tend to your anatomy,reworking,recoding,and resetting,while also serving the emotional,mental and spiritual bodies. After the hour is up I call you with all the information from the session
$160-2hr session (MsHec3 $128)
For info call (928) 499-4128. Spiritual Guide: Rebecca Cutehands.

Medicine Teachings-traditional teachings of the Medicine Wheel and ceremonies will be offered to you- these teachings carry a lineage of knowledge, stories, ritual and practices that are still honored to this day. All of Creation resides in the wheel and teachings reflect this. As we share in this wisdom you will be given the tools to share it with groups or individually-in person or zoom
Individual-$250 each-3 hr session (MsHec3 $200)
Groups 7 or more-$200 each-3 hr session (MsHec3 $160)
For info call (928) 499-4128. Spiritual Guide: Rebecca Cutehands.



Celeste Holly ~ Intuitive Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master & Jewelry Artist. Contact: ccholly@gmail.com or (920) 858-2966. https://mountainspiritco-op.com/celeste-holly/ Classes: Gentle Yoga on Zoom. September 5th – November 21st at 5:00 pm PT $5. Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81595728022 Reiki II Saturday, November 4th, 9 am-1 pm. Cost: $75, Bracelet/Earring Making Classes Saturday, November 18th, Cost: $50, Reiki III Saturday, December 2nd, 9 am -1 pm Cost: $75, Classes: Reiki Certification and Jewelry beading are available on request.

Gentle Yoga on Zoom ~ Suggested Donation $5 Tuesday’s September 5 th – November 21st at 5:00pm PT Celeste Holly Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81595728022

North Star Teaching Saturday, October 21st from 10am to 7pm. Cost: $700 Rebecca Cutehands (928) 499-4128 Full Moon Celebration Prayers, Potions, Amulets and Magic Saturday, October 28th from 10am to 7pm. Cost: $333 Rebecca Cutehands (928) 499-4128

Reiki II Training Saturday, November 4 th , 9am- 1pm, Cost: $75 Celeste Holly at (920)858-2966 or ccholly@gmail.com


Bracelet/Earring Making Classes Saturday, November 18th , Cost: $50 Celeste Holly at (920) 858-2966 or ccholly@gmail.com

The Silva Method Cindy Holt Some of you may remember the Silva Method from the ’70s and ’80s. It was very popular then! It is still being taught worldwide, but it’s a little harder to find a teacher now. I am not a Silva Method instructor, but I do use the tools in my life daily to great advantage. While I wish more people would take the course, I do teach people some rudimentary skills such as “Mental Housekeeping.” You can find videos and audio on YouTube to help you learn “Mirror of the Mind” and how to program your subconscious to your advantage. I use Mirror of the Mind and the Long Relax as part of my guided imagery to get you to that place where dreams and miracles come true. Guided imagery is different from simple visualization because it uses all senses, not just sight. I have incorporated imagery with many of my treatments, and it is inherent to many of the sacred ceremonies I do. Imagery is very powerful, and I invite you to learn more about it. The subconscious is far more powerful than we realize and using it to create the life we want is doable and fairly easy- you just have to be persistent and dedicated to taking the time it requires to be effective.
To set up an appointment, please call Cindy at 928-273-8576

Kids Revolution Worldwide (KRW). Robin, along with her partners Terha Watterson and Tatiana Merciadis, launched KRW in June 2022, and is gifting the first month of participation free to all who register. KRW is an online program for kids by kids and has everything our kids need to thrive mentally, emotionally, and physically. Our kiddos get DAILY mind and body activities for them as well as real social connections where we UNITE children all over the world online. Here is our link: https://discoverkidsrevolution.crd.co/

Introduction to Essential Oils. In this class, you will learn to use Essential Oils safely- internally, externally, and as aromatherapy. We will discuss how to know if an essential oil is pure. You will receive recipes for blends for specific goals. The class fee is $30. In-person or available by zoom. For more information, contact Cindy Holt at (928) 273-8576.

Manifesting Part 1 and 2:  Learn the tools and materials used to create your reality consciously. Join us as we explore deeper understandings of why our life is what it is. Choose to heal the pains of the past and allow more of who you truly are to draw to you what you say you want. Part 1, learn the basics and gets all the info. Part 2, I work with you directly as you learn to use all the information in creating what you desire. This is an ongoing class I offer repeatedly. For one-on-one lessons, each part is $325. For courses of four participants or more, each class is $125. Facilitator: Dana Cummins. To sign up for a class or be put on a waiting list, call Dana at (928) 420-2109. Lessons based on the Lazaris material and 30+ years of using them.

Metaphysical Teachings & Intuitive Work. Dana Cummins is available for ceremonies, meditations, rituals and techniques, crystal grid therapy, metaphysical classes, present and past life intuitive healing sessions. Dana brings over 25 years’ experience in various modalities, spiritual counseling and ceremony. For info please call (928) 420-2109.

Understanding Past Lives and How they Influence our Lives Today: Explores how hardships we have overcome in this life or are working to overcome are woven from the past. Each participant is taken on a journey to repair the lifetime that created the lingering suffering. Old habits, phobias, impairments, and beliefs can shift and change like magic. It’s time to heal the present as well as the past. Individual classes are $150. Facilitator: Dana Cummins. Call Dana for an appointment at (928) 420-2109.

Learning to Meditate: Learn to delve into your subconscious and unconscious minds to heal, reprogram and find peace and purpose in your life. Connect to your Guides, Higher Self, Soul, Spirit, God, Goddess, All That Is. All guided meditations are recorded for your personal use. $120 session. Facilitator: Dana Cummins. Call Dana for an appointment at (928) 420-2109.

Medicine Wheel Teachings continue each month to be held on the New Moon. Those who have acquired the introduction class and the beginning cycle moons can join into the monthly class at any time. If you wish to start your teachings in person or on zoom, please call Rebecca Cutehands at (928) 499-4128.

Munay-Ki Rites. Nine Rites of initiation are energy transmissions that reawaken and
strengthen the architecture of the Human Being. These Rites of passage offer us a way to live in happiness and harmony with ourselves and All of Creation. These medicine teachings of the Americas are another gift of evolution. Offered in a 5- or 9-week course. Cost: $950-$1150. Spiritual Guide: Rebecca Cutehands. Register directly: (928) 499-4128.

Guided Meditations- All guided meditations bring you to sacred places that allow your imagination to run wild and free. These journeys give us a moment in time to unleash a strict and bounded way of being, and expand and embrace an unlimited knowing to all of Creation. This allows us to heal and connect.
Individual-$150 (MsHec3 $120)
Groups 7 or more-$88 (MsHec3 $70.40)
For info call (928) 499-4128. Spiritual Guide: Rebecca Cutehands.

Celeste  Holly is a RYT 200 hour certified yoga instructor, complimented with a RPYS 85-hour prenatal yoga instructor certification. She has been practicing yoga for 13 years and has been an instructor for 8 years. Yoga allows a person to address “the issues in the tissues” to release whatever is held in the body. Yoga helps the body to come into the parasympathetic nervous system addressing and releasing trauma, PTSD and toxins in the body. Celeste helps a person to access these releases through guidance in movement and breath. A one on one session is a more intensive experience of working out and creating a yoga sequence for continued use by the client on their own.
Yoga Class
Regular Price-$10
20% off price-$8.00
Yoga One on One classes
Regular Price -$50 per hour
20% off price-$40 per hour

Reiki Level 1 Online Course. Reiki is a gentle, yet powerful Japanese healing modality used for stress reduction, relaxation, clarity, and connection. It can be used daily on food, drinking water, plants, animals, and people. Dates/times flexible around student’s schedule. $125, includes manual and certificate. For information, call Toria at 602-460-0566.  www.BodyBalancebyToria.com.

Tarot Classes: (4 1hr sessions) This 4 part course is one hour each week for both beginner and advanced students. The curriculum consists of a very thorough exploration of the traditional 78 card deck. You will learn the specific meanings of the cards as well as how those meanings flow and change depending on placement in the spread as well as influences of adjacent cards. You will gain knowlege on a broad range of topics including interpretation of symbols, colors, patterns and numbers, as well as using crystals, intuition and various spreads. Information will be given on using different decks, shuffling, clearing, navigating difficult cards, and how to manage tarot as a business. This course will help you gain self-confidence in your readings whether your goal is to enjoy tarot as a hobby or a career. Facilitator JoLynn Maas, Please call to schedule: (480) 227-7287.
Course prices: one person: $480 : four or more people: $400

CranioSacral Therapy  Bio-Dynamic CranioSacral Therapy. This technique is a non-invasive light touch therapy used to help the body naturally unwind. After each session, trauma, stress, and held emotions are released, leaving the body relaxed with a better working immune system. It also helps to clear the mental and emotional minds of unwanted tensions. Reach Cindy Holt at (928) 273-8576.
Cindy Holt $70 less 20%=MsHec3

Essential Oils Basic’s Class=FREE
Cindy Holt teaches how to work with and use essential oil safely. Cindy tailors this introductory class to your individual needs. Including what oils not to use around your animals. Available in-house and through zoom. Reach Cindy at (928) 273-8576

Raindrop Essential Oil Treatment $85 less 20%=MsHec3 $68
This deluxe treatment invigorates and rejuvenates the body, mind, and soul. During this in-house treatment, Cindy uses several essential oils in conjunction with moist hot towels that allow you and your body to release stored tension and pain as you go into more profound relaxation. This fantastic spa session is sure to leave you feeling new and rejuvenated. Reach Cindy Holt at (928) 273-8576

Transformational Imagery $70 Less 20% for MsHec3
Cindy uses imagination via imaginary and sound to transport and transcend body and mind in this practice. This technique assists you in releasing old patterns and creating new pathways to support new ways of being. Cindy will teach you new tools to help you connect and stay on your new path. Cindy’s method sprung from the Silva Method, which uses whole-brain thinking, creating health, abundance, relationships, and whatever you choose to manifest in your life. Cindy assists you in tailoring images to your specific needs and desires. And will help you create a recording of guided imagery that connects you to the life you desire. Reach Cindy Holt at (928) 273-8576

Emotion Release $70 Less 20% for MsHec3
Cindy uses tuning forks similarly to The Emotion Code of Bradley Nelson. The vibrations of the tuning folks help release trapped emotions that cause pain, disease, and suffering. People will often feel significant shifts as they experience the fall away of trapped emotional energy. Cindy does not offer Psychotherapy. Reach Cindy Holt at (928) 273-8576

If you find yourself wanting a healing session or education on a certain modality or practice but without the finances to do so, then reach out to us at MsHec3.com and fill out a quick application for a scholarship.

— YOGA —

Reiki Master, Chakra Alignment, Yoga and Jewelry ClassesCeleste Holly is a 200-hour certified yoga instructor and 85 hour and prenatal yoga instructor, 20-hour trauma yoga trained and Y12SR yoga certified (12 Step Recovery Yoga for addicts and those affected by addiction). Celeste is a certified Usui Reiki Master with over 10 years of experience. Reiki works on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of everything in life. Reiki offers healing health benefits for stress reduction, relaxation, and aids in better sleep. It allows a natural trigger for the body’s natural healing abilities and improves and maintains health. She is currently offering long distance Reiki healing and one on one yoga classes through Zoom. Celeste also has over 10 years of experience in teaching jewelry making. She creates beautiful, healing wire wrapped pendants, beaded pendants, malas, and hand painted inspirational boxes which can be seen here and then purchased by contacting her. Contact Celeste at ccholly@gmail.com or (920) 858-2966.

celeste holly business card


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