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Water Blessing. August/September. This ceremony offers the individual an opportunity to cleanse and wash away giving the body, mind and spirit a fresh, regenerated, and purified feeling. This offering will lighten the heart and ready the breath. Cost: $225 (two 3-hour sessions) also offered as a teaching. For info call (928) 499-4128. Spiritual Guide: Rebecca Cutehands

Pachamama Ceremony. Sunday, August 1st from 11am to 2pm. This is an Andean celebration that honors Mother Earth and The Sacred Mountains. We will be honoring the Andean medicine wheel, creating the “mouth of the earth”, and sharing in sacred ritual offerings of gratitude. If you are a Mesa carrier, please bring it with you. Spiritual Guide: Rebecca Cutehands. Cost: Love Donation. Location: Entire event will be held outside at The Playground Ranch. This ceremony is limited to twelve participants. To sign up call Rebecca at (928) 499-4128. Food and refreshments will be offered at this gathering.

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How to Create Positive & Permanent Change: Activating the Magic of Metamorphosis! Do you resist change? Discover the steps to move past your resistance to create permanent transformation in your life. Discover the five secrets of personal transformation and how to move from the past into your empowered destiny. Spiritual Guide: Michaiel Patrick Bovenes. Experience Michaiel’s free class:
How to Create Positive & Permanent Change: Activating the Magic of Metamorphosis!

Manifesting Part 1 and 2: Learn the tools and materials used to create your reality consciously. Join us as we explore deeper understandings of why our life is what it is. Choose to heal the pains of the past and allow more of who you truly are to draw to you what you say you want. Part one learns the basics and gets all the info. Part 2 I work with you directly as you learn to use all the information in creating what you desire. This is an ongoing class I offer repeatedly. For one-on-onelessons, each part is $150. For courses of four participants or more, each class is $75. Facilitator: Dana Cummins. To sign up for a class or be put on a waiting list, call Dana at (928) 420-2109. Lessons based on the Lazaris material and 30+ years of using them.

Understanding Past Lives and How they Influence our Lives Today: Explores how hardships we have overcome in this life or are working to overcome are woven from the past. Each participant is taken on a journey to repair the lifetime that created the lingering suffering. Old habits, phobias, impairments, and beliefs can shift and change like magic. It’s time to heal the present as well as the past. Individual classes are $150. Facilitator: Dana Cummins. Call Dana for an appointment at (928) 420-2109.

Learning to Meditate: Learn to delve into your subconscious and unconscious minds to heal, reprogram and find peace and purpose in your life. Connect to your Guides, Higher Self, Soul, Spirit, God, Goddess, All That Is. All guided meditations are recorded for your personal use. $120 session. Facilitator: Dana Cummins. Call Dana for an appointment at (928) 420-2109.

Medicine Wheel Teachingscontinue each month to be held on the New Moon. Those who have acquired the introduction class and the beginning cycle moons can join into the monthly class at any time. If you wish to start your teachings in person or on zoom, please call Rebecca Cutehands at (928) 499-4128.

Munay-Ki Rites. Nine Rites of initiation are energy transmissions that reawaken and
strengthen the architecture of the Human Being. These Rites of passage offer us a way to live in happiness and harmony with ourselves and All of Creation. These medicine teachings of the Americas are another gift of evolution. Offered in a 5- or 9-week course. Cost: $950-$1150. Spiritual Guide: Rebecca Cutehands. Register directly: (928) 499-4128.

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Yoga: Move the Body, Quiet the Mind. David is presenting Yoga classes online via Yavapai County Free Library District in the “Move the Body, Quiet the Mind Mini Yoga Sessions” series on Facebook at . Check out his YouTube page at David Clay Yoga. David is also collaborating with his brother Dwayne in a podcast series called ARC to Wellness. ARC to Wellness is a dynamic philosophy and empowerment practice of connecting our physical, mental, and emotional selves through Awareness, Reflection and Choice. None of us is broken. Join us as we explore ways to access our ability to take charge of our own health and wellness. ARC to Wellness can be heard on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts as well as at

Reiki Master, Chakra Alignment, Yoga and Jewelry Classes. Celeste Holly is a 200-hour certified yoga instructor and 85 hour and prenatal yoga instructor, 20-hour trauma yoga trained and Y12SR yoga certified. Call to schedule a group or private class on yoga, beading or wire wrapping.
Contact Celeste at or (920) 858-2966.

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