Dana’s Conscious Choices Challenge

Being reminded to listen to my physical, mental, emotional & spiritual needs this season. And though I admire my abilities to block physical pain and suffering I really need to listen and allow override of my mental desires and expectations to at least include the desires of my physical, emotional & spiritual selves. Are you listening to all aspects too? Are there areas where you want to expand? Do you know how? Journal about what it might look like and how you might get there. Put your plan into action.

Peace — Dana 

Dana Cummins profile picI have always been connected to the parts of our world we don’t see with our eyes. Perhaps that connection is why my heart has always gone out to help those I can. I started young by volunteering to help the aged and our youth. It is my secret mission in life to make others’ lives more joyful, easier, and to share a sense of dignity and respect with all.

My first activism role that was bigger than my one on one experiences began at the Prescott Pride Center. I served on the board as secretary, then treasurer for nearly ten years. My deep involvement with the Event Planning Committee taught me tons about running events and enlisting the help of others. It was a busy center and I spent hours every day giving myself to it’s survival.

My conscious involvement in metaphysics began in 1984. For over 30 years I have been dedicating my life to becoming a more conscious and loving human being. During this time I have immersed myself in the study of many teachers, masters, gurus, and guides to discover and explore ways that work for me. For the last 15 years I have taught many classes on healing, energy work, manifesting, trust, and forgiveness. I have also shared dozens of other layers of consciously creating and co-creating our realities. It is my goal to help those who wish to heal from the traumas in their lives and to assist them with learning to consciously create the livesthey choose.

After healing myself from cancer in 2005, I heard the call to open Mountain Spirit Co-Op. It was now time to feed my own soul in a much bigger way. As MSCO grew and became more, over and over again, so did I. Faced with numerous challenges I opened myself to allow even more miracles. Thousands of people have walked through our doors to experience a sense of welcoming they have never known before. Yet all of them knew or believed it existed.

In 2008 I received a message in meditation to start our “Day of Service” events which offer our services by donation to those in need. First we offered to our military men and women. Then we offered it to women and children. The third month we offered one to all men. Since then we have been offering it to all people and animals for 9 years now.

We have always wanted to help more people. Though many of the modalities we offer give significant results, most are not covered under peoples’ insurances. And often those who are in the most need are also suffering from low wages. It has pulled on our heart strings. It has also not only motivated us to serve many beyond our Day of Services but to begin a new business. One that encompasses the genuine meaning of “charity”: To serve those in need of healing and education so that they can become their true selves, strong and confident, fulfilling their own dreams and purposes.

It has been my honor to work amongst some of the finest healers and counselors I have ever met. And the people on our current board of directors have proven themselves to be of the highest caliber of integrity, while likewise filled with compassion and great wisdom. I am so blessed to be working alongside them.

Sliding Scale for hourly session.

$ 225 Session Under $120,000 Annual Household Income

$ 325 Session $120K-$340K Annual Household Income

$ 425 Session $350k-$499K Annual Household Income

$ 525 Session $500K-$990 Annual Household Income

$ 1000 Session $1M Annual Household Income

$ 2000 Session $2M Annual Household Income

$ 3000 Session $3M Annual Household Income

$ 4000 Session $4M Annual Household Income

$ 5000 Session $5M Annual Household Income

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