Spiritual Counselor

I’ve been spending my time experimenting, practicing, exploring, reading tarot cards and making fine art paintings for nearly 40 years. I’ve honed in on what I love doing the most, which is helping people navigate their path in life, help them make wise mindful decisions, and clarify any challenging issues they might be facing. I do that by consulting my tarot cards and deliver high vibrational messages and spiritual counseling for those who seek my advice. 

I have traveled the world visiting and living in beautiful exotic places. Aside from living in 11 various places in the United States, I’ve spent time in Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Nepal, India and Thailand which really broadened my perspective on diverse cultures and ways of life. 

I’ve had wonderful success being able to make a career out of selling my artwork to the industries of Interior Design, Real Estate, Television, Feature Films and Home Decor. As much as I love painting, my passion is helping people and providing a meaningful service for those who are seeking direction in life. 

I offer readings, classes, and events, as well as angel, fairy and spirit guide paintings. Please contact me for more info or to make an appointment. 

Email: artisticseer@gmail.com Phone: 480-227-7287.