Mountain Spirit Healing and Educational Center, the
MsHec3 Project would like to send a big thanks of
appreciation to all of you that contribute monthly and
annually to this heartfelt project. This nonprofit
organization plays host to many events and fundraisers
throughout the year as well. And with all the support
and funding that you have provided, through monthly
contributions, year-end blessings, giving Tuesday’s,
raffles and the Silent Auctions, we were able to give out
over 150+ scholarships last year, and are looking
forward to the year ahead. All that you give has been
and will continue to be embraced and appreciated with
grace and gratitude. As one may suggest the change, it
takes all of us to accomplish it. We look forward to our
continuous partnerships and working together to serve
our local community and those around the globe, as we
stay inspired, dedicated, and compassionate in creating
great global change.

MsHec3 2024
Partnership Program

Monthly Partnership Programs

$11 Monthly ~ Love Partners

$33 Monthly ~ Peace Partners

$111 Monthly ~ New World Partners

$555 Monthly ~ Master Partners

$1,000 Monthly ~ Honoree Partners

$5,000 Monthly ~ Grand Father Partners

$10,000 Monthly ~ Grand Mother Partners

Annual Partnership Programs

$111 Annual Practitioner Partners

$222 Annual Sponsorship Partners

$333 Annual Advertising Partners

All donations are welcome.

Thank you for your support!

“MsHec3 gave out over 100 scholarships to those requesting services in 2021. We hope to double that this year, and with your help we will!”

Please visit our Partnerships and Applications Page for more information.


Book Release is Here!

Voices of Magic is officially available on Amazon. Did you know if you order through Amazon Smiles a small portion of the sale can be donated to your favorite charity? I selected Mountain Spirit Healing and Educational Center for mine. It’s the non-profit branch of MSCO. Last year they gave out over a hundred scholarships for healing to people that could not have afforded it on their own. Another win-win!

Here’s a link to the book on Amazon:  Voices of Magic – Amazon

Here is what some of the authors say about their experience.

“I feel truly blessed to have been invited to offer a story in The Voices of Magic book. It gave so many of us an opportunity to invite the world in and share moments and memories that shaped the characters of who we are today. The stories are all so unique, which makes for an adventurous and compelling read.” ~Rebecca Cutehands

“It has been such a fun journey, from start to finish Mary Woodhouse has made this project about getting to know each other and sharing our stories in a way we could be proud of and hopefully will inspire others. Getting to know all the magical magicians and hearing their stories has been exciting and intriguing.” ~Dana Cummins

“This book, Voices of Magic, is a compilation of stories of defining moments. Each story and its teller have inspired me to own my magic more fully. These voices of magic help me sharpen and hone my craft.” ~Jach Pursel

Let the magic begin! Enjoy a YouTube video of some of the participants of this amazing book HERE!

MsHec3 Project Launches Its Partnership Program
Mountain Spirit Healing & Educational Center is engaging in a global expansion and looking to partner with any and all groups and organizations who hold integrity within its source of service to humanity.
Whether your group or organization is at it’s beginning stage or has it’s roots firmly planted into it’s endeavor. We call you to be a part of a supportive opportunity that allows us all to come together and answer the call from the masses who are searching for healthier and happier lives.
Our project is based on the foundation of Dignity and Integrity and we are looking to create synergy with those who reflect the same values.
Conscious cooperation is needed to create a loving environment. It is by coming together with these values that we can create safe havens for those wishing to heal from trauma and learn new ways of being.
Pivotal moments in our life allow us to engage in growth. Let us honor one another for the best outcome and the highest and most potent potential that we all carry to act now.
Many avenues of partnership are available. Please contact our Board Members to schedule a time to discuss which opportunities will serve your group or organization to it’s fullest.
Please visit our website for more information.

Dana’s Conscious Choices Challenge

Being reminded to listen to my physical, emotional & spiritual needs this season. And though I admire my abilities to block physical pain and suffering I really need to listen and allow override of my mental desires and expectations to at least include the desires of my physical, emotional & spiritual selves. Are you listening to all aspects too? Are there areas where you want to expand? Do you know how? Journal about what it might look like and how you might get there. Put your plan into action. Peace — Dana

Perhaps the secret of living well is not in having all the answers,
but in pursuing unanswerable questions in good company.
— Rachel Naomi Remen