Looking for a community-based organization to make your tax deductible donation to?

The MsHec3 Project offers reduced rates for classes and healing work to those in need.
Your tax-deductible dollars can help heal and educate those right here in your community.

Please think about us and those in need this year as you prepare your taxes.

For more information email us here or call (928) 421-3399

Thank You.

You can donate security through Paypal with your Paypal account or by Credit Card. No Paypal account required.
Paypal Email is: MsHec3@gmail.com.

About MsHec3

Many of us live so privileged that we sometimes take for granted the comforts of our everyday lives. So many struggle and fight, yet may never reach the heights they are capable of achieving. It is amazing however when we are given the gifts of confidence, love, trust and support that we remember how to create, dream and manifest.

We are honored to help in creating a new world that respects each individual’s imprint, and we understand how truly precious and important it is that we care for each other in this way.

So it is time again that we have lit a mantle of light that will shine bright for all to see, and it is up to us to carry a space of responsibility, since We are the stewards of our Planet, our community and our lives.

MsHec3 is not only an acronym but is inspired by the Goddess Hecate who is the Goddess of crossroads. People who come to a crossroads in life often seek us out. Funny how things all come together. With the opening of this 501c3 charitable organization we are working to secure grants that will take our healing work to the next level and beyond. We are also accepting tax deductible donations from all those who wish to invest in a healthier community and world. We have dozens of modalities, spiritual teachings, ceremonies, classes and workshops available for those looking to become more at peace with themselves and their world.

Our Mission:

Dedicated to co-creating and preserving healthy relationships with ourselves, each other and our planet through healing and educational services.