Hello! I am Dani Yanssens and I live in Michigan with my husband, two adult daughters and a spoiled pup. I have been in education for 30 years, teaching elementary, middle and high school children as well as adults. I have a passion for students at risk of dropping out of school, whether it be from trauma, poverty or mental health issues, it is my mission to help them and their families to find hope through education. I am a certified instructor in Mental Health First Aid, and a trauma informed educator with training in ACE’s (adverse childhood experiences), Capturing Kids Hearts and Bridges out of Poverty. I love sharing my knowledge by providing training for groups as large as 200 both in person and virtually.

My two beautiful daughters were adopted from China and I was on the board of directors for Metro Detroit’s Families with Children from China for ten years. I planned and presented seminars on different adoption related topics and leading committees for cultural events for our membership of over 400 families.

I have always been a spiritual person as well as a daydreamer and an optimist. I am gifted at helping those who feel “stuck” find peace and hope. I began practicing meditation after experiencing anxiety and panic attacks when dealing with infertility and unresolved trauma. My spiritual journey accelerated after experiencing narcissistic abuse by a business partner. I really dove into her meditation practice, self-reflection and manifestation as well as a lot of research on narcissistic abuse. After years of self-reflection and discovering my self-worth I am driven to guide others in finding clarity through the power of meditation, manifestation and education.

I love MsHec3’s mission to bring healing support to all who seek it, regardless of their financial situation. I look forward to serving in any way I can to help with MsHec3’s outreach throughout the world.