It’s that time of the year and once again, time for our biggest fundraiser of the year. Last year we generated over $1600, this year we hope to double that. Thank you to all of you who are supporting us by donating your services and art. And another thank you for all of you who bid on the terrific items that were donated. Your generosity is providing over 200 services to folks that wouldn’t have been able to receive help otherwise. We are reaching further and wider in hopes to help twice that many people next year. We are so blessed to be supported by so many generous and kind people from all over the world.

We’re doing it again! Please go to FaceBook MsHec3 or our website to see all the amazing items up for auction. You can bid on the items at Book MsHec3.

The Auction will start November 1st and run through December 10th so the winning bids can be delivered by the Holidays. We are still busy collecting donations so consider this your teaser and follow the procession of offerings on our website and Facebook page.


Conscious Choices AZ
 or (928) 420-2109
One 1-Hour Personalized Session
The session will be based upon your needs and desire to work with healing or metaphysical knowledge or techniques. This can be done through current or past lives, many modalities including meditation may be used depending on what is called upon.
Value: $120, Starting bid: $45.
(If this gets to the bid of $100 or more Dana will donate another session. Up to three sessions.)

ClearView Therapeutic Resources, LLC
404-271-5350, email:
Two Individual Astrology Readings
Two individual natal astrology chart readings based on the exact time and place of birth. Readings will include verbal and written information about the individuals’ chart, as well as handouts that will aide in the description process. Readings can be done via ZOOM or FaceTime.

Value: $100.00 each, starting bid: $25.00 each.






One PaintingSedona Spring II. It is an acrylic on wood panel 12”x12” x 2”.

Value: $225, Starting bid:  $40


One 20-Minute Card Reading.

Value of item: $40, Starting bid: $10.

Reading/Theta Session
Value: $128, starting bid: $10.

Awakening from Within
(928) 499-0024
Three 1-hour Individual Long-Distant Sessions of Energy Work, energy sessions that will clear and balance your chakras.
Value: $75 each, starting bid: $20.00 each.

Body Balance by Toria
(602) 460-0566 
One 1-Hour Healing Session (Shamanic, Reiki, Sound Healing)
Value: $60, starting bid: $15.

(928) 499-4128
One 2-Hour Healing Session. You will receive a two-hour healing session outside in nature in the Sacred Garden. Each session is unique and woven to serve the individual’s spirit.
Value: $175, starting bid: $77.

Higher Power Yoga
(920) 858-2966, Email: 

One Crystal Wire Wrap Pendant. Quartz crystal wrapped in gold-filled wire. Dimension approximately 1 inch long and “1/3 inch wide.

Value: $45, starting bid: $20.





Holt Holistic Healing,
(928) 273- 8576
One 1-Hour Healing Session
Certificate for sound and energy healing. A one-hour experience of sounds, healing energy, emotional release, and essential oils based on issues and personal preferences.
Value: $65, starting bid: $20.

Be Brilliant 

 Two Original Alcohol Ink Paintings, 3×5 with matte.
Value: $40 each, starting bid: $15 each.

Be Brilliant 










One Original 3×5 Watercolor Painting with Matte.

Value: $40, starting bid: $15.

Dar’s Twisted Art
(928) 277-9254
Silver and Copper Wrapped Stones and Crystals
Dar creates each piece with positive energy and truly loves wrapping the stones for people to enjoy wearing them.
• Blue Aragonite – $25 starting bid $10
• Carnelian – $37 starting bid $13
• Petrified Wood – $30 starting bid $10
• Moss Agate – $28 starting bid $10
• Green/Black tourmaline – $25 starting bid $10
• Adamite – $45 starting bid $15

Soul Rediscovered
(805) 422-4551
One 1.5-Hour Medicine Wheel Reading. This session will connect you to the Medicine Wheel of Life and provide you a moment of clarity as you receive messages and guidance.
Value: $175, starting bid: $50.

MsHec3 is donating these 5 one of a kind beaded bracelets.
— Please enter you bid in the comments.
— Please enter each bid increment as a new comment.
— Each day we will make a note of the high bid to bump the item in the feed.
Item is valued at $50.00. Starting bid at $10.00. Bidding increments of $5 please.

May be an image of jewelry