Auction starts November 15th and closes on December15th.

You will have this one month to bid on some amazing artwork, jewelry, classes, Intuitive readings, healing sessions and more.

Here is a list of All the items and offerings can be found on our Facebook page

Silent Auction 2022
Our Silent Auction Fundraiser will begin today November 15 at 10 am on the MsHec3 Facebook page! This event runs through December 15. Mark your calendars for bidding on some fabulous items! Here are the items that will be up for auction!
Dana Cummins donated an Intuitive Session.
Dana Cummins donated the book “Voices of Magic”.
Jodi Maas donated an acrylic original painting
Jodi Maas donated a tarot reading
Elizabeth Hyer Rose donated a 60 minute healing session
Cindy Holt donated a “Fire of the Heart Ceremony”
Dana Childs donated an “Empowered Empath”
Dana Childs donated a “Basics Healing Teaching”
Dar Jarese donated six individual wire wrapped pendants.
Janis Rosen donated an essential rose oil called Grace.
Oleta Clay donated an angel card reading.
Oleta Clay donated a Telepathic Healing.
Leanne Romine donated a card reading.
Leanne Romine donated a theta session.
Barbara Fischer donated two individual astrology readings.
Bev Matheys donated two individual paper bead necklaces.
Rebecca Cutehands donated a North Star Teaching.
Rebecca Cutehands donated a healing session.
Erin Kampa donated 2 individual crystal grids.
Alexa Maranell donated a wood sculpture.
Sharon Kelley donated a package of 3 one-hour Reiki sessions.
Marie Howell donated a one of a kind handcrafted wood and clay forest spirit wall hanging.
Deb Vernam donated a session with the Buddha Horse.
Rosemary Bartolomeo donated two individual energy sessions to clear, harmonize and balance the body, mind and spirit.
Celeste Holly donated a purple feather spirit wand.
Celeste Holly donated a beaded sardonyx pendant.
Amber Riley donated a 2.5 hour healing session.

If you would like to donate an item, gift certificate, services, etc., for this Silent Auction please contact Celeste Holly or (920) 858-2966.The deadline for donations is October 30th.