Oleta Clay Profile PicOleta F. Clay
Telepathic Healer, Intuitive Oracle Card Reader
Prescott Valley, Arizona 86314

2009 – 2014 Member of the Sanctus Germanus Foundation Mystery School in Canmore, Canada where I was taught White Magic, Esoteric  concepts and Telepathic Healing methods; worked in group Cosmic law project as they pertain to world religions, coordinated and attended Annual spiritual retreats when we lived in Canmore from 2011 – 2014.

2011 – Present Performed Telepathic Healings for those assigned to me  whether they lived locally, nationally or internationally. Also  participated in Group Healing efforts with other members in  person and via conference calls. Continue to do Telepathic  Healings upon request from friends, family and others in  need or offer this service if I feel led to do so.

2018 – Present Perform Intuitive Oracle Card readings for friends and others at the Psychic Circle group in Prescott Valley at Raven’s Corner, Beads to You and joined Mile High Mystics this year and have attended two shows to do readings. Did readings and Telepathic Healings at MsHEC Open House in November and December 2018. Offering two readings for the MsHEC Silent Auction fundraiser currently underway.

2017 – Present Non-voting member of the MSHEC Board of Directors and fundraising committee.