David Clay: Yoga for Tight Hips


MsHec3 member David Clay’s recent video shows yoga for people with tight hips. It includes an introduction to Sun Salutation and Triangle Pose. Enjoy!

David Clay: Yoga for Tight Hips2021-07-02T12:05:08-07:00

Primal Yoga with David Clay

MSHEC3 member David Clay has a series of Yoga videos on Youtube.
This follow along practice is suitable for beginners. I hope you use it to unlock latent movement patterns allowing you to experience more freedom and peace in your body.

DISCLAIMER: This video does not replace physical therapy or exercises prescribed by your Read More…

Primal Yoga with David Clay2021-06-30T16:14:29-07:00

Is It Time to Re-Wire your Brain?


Is It Time to Re-Wire your Brain?

Ever wonder if the “evil” in the world only exists to feed all of us who love to be angry. Perhaps evil coincides with the amount of hateful, spiteful, hurtful anger we display so that it can continue to feed that need we have for that Read More…

Is It Time to Re-Wire your Brain?2017-10-04T10:30:30-07:00

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