MSHEC3 member David Clay has a series of Yoga videos on Youtube.
This follow along practice is suitable for beginners. I hope you use it to unlock latent movement patterns allowing you to experience more freedom and peace in your body.

DISCLAIMER: This video does not replace physical therapy or exercises prescribed by your physician. This video does not replace nor should you construe it as medical advice. Talk to your physician before starting this or any other exercise program. Do not do exercises that are beyond your fitness or ability level. Have someone with you for the first few exercise sessions. Stop an exercise if it causes pain or discomfort. If pain or discomfort persist, seek medical attention. Never ignore or delay seeking medical advice because of anything said or done in this video. There are risks in any exercise program. David Clay is not responsible or liable for any harm, loss, medical problems, or other consequences you may suffer or cause resulting from use of this video or reliance on information provided in this video.